We advocate
for high quality
education standards

Our guiding principles

Pursue overall excellence and continuous improvement
  • -Set high standards
  • -Challenge yourself
  • -Lead by example

Create long-lasting connections
  • -Act with integrity
  • -Treat others with respect
  • -Support each other

Be adventurous and passionate
  • -Follow your dreams
  • -Dare to do things differently
  • -Never give up

Learn, innovate and educate
  • -Be a lifelong learner
  • -Embrace change
  • -Share your knowledge

In our schools we provide a top quality education that connects with your child, learning, family, values and the world.
Monterrey Valle
Monterrey Sur
Colegio Americano
de Saltillo
Saltillo, Coah.

Colegio Americano
de Xalapa
Xalapa, Veracruz